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speech 【Speech announcement】Bookstore Marketing/ Survival(108.05.01)
speech 【Speech announcement】Books/magazine Editing and publishing strategy(108.05.01)
speech 【Speech announcement】Edit your own life(108.03.25)
speech 【Speech announcement】Literature and history reading tour(108.03.14)
speech 【Speech announcement】My Eslite Time(108.03.04)
Events 【Speech announcement】From E-books To the Canonical Writing
Announcement 【Speech announcement】 The Favorite still is calling your name incorrectly- Speaking of Pop Song and Poetry Create
Announcement 【Department announcement】The 6th Fo Goung University Literary Winners
speech 【speech】Long and short sentence writing
Announcement 【Department News】The 6th Fo Gung University Literary Awards Ceremony
Announcement 【Scholarship】Mr. Wang Yun-Wu Scholarship for Independent Learning
speech 【Speech announcement】The Family Writing and The Writer Strategy
speech 【Speech announcement】A Writing Journey Have No Limits
speech 【Speech announcement】The Forum of 《Dream of the Red Chamber》
Events 【Activity announcement】Alumni Friendship Association
Announcement 【Department announcement】Taiwanese Graduates Seminar Information